We are always looking for individuals, who would like to help our team, at practices and tournaments (home and away).

  • Weekly Practices – We have a constant need for individuals who would be willing to help with assisting players, preparing/repairing equipment and providing officiating support during scrimmages.
  • Monthly Away Tournaments – At away tournaments, we have a need for individuals who can travel with the team to help with transportation, tourney logistics, assisting with player prepping and preparing/repairing equipment
  • Chicago Bears Home Tournament – At home tournaments, we still need help with team preparations, however, in addition, we need help with tournament logistics, including working the scoring table, managing the penalty box and assisting with meals.
  • Tournament Locations!!! We are always looking for a Chicagoland sports facility, which would be interested in working with us to host a home tournament. If you are part of an organization, or know of one that would like to help host a tournament, please contact us!